Tuesday, August 26, 2008


cheaper crabs dead for a long time, not fresh meat

指数 :
菜式 : 咸蛋螃蟹,奶油螃蟹,椰子虾,,奶香青蚝 salty egg crab, butter crab, coconut shrimp, butter oysters
得福小厨 restaurant tak fok(kepong也有branch)-23 jln puteri 1/5 ,puchong 47100 selangor

长年都是RM18 per 1 kg,一种招数,一分钱一分货,果然是有够便宜的材料.
all day long RM18 per 1 kg, a trick,there is really enough cheap materials

all of them with cheaper crabs and shrimps

咸蛋螃蟹 RM20-很小只的蟹,3只加起来共1kg,吃过品质最差的螃蟹,小只不讲,那螃蟹好像中病了一样,让客人吃一只死了很久的 蟹,一点都不新鲜,难怪那么便宜,很不值得吃,就算便宜,吃到这样的螃蟹,很不值得
salty egg crabs RM20-only the small crabs, three combined total of 1 kg, the worst quality of the crabs eaten, only small, and that seems the crabs in the disease, let guests eat a crab tat dead for a long time, Is not fresh, no wonder so cheap, not worth eating, even if the cheap, get the crab, not worth

alamak....oh my godness.....看它的肉,就要霉了那样。。。里面的肉是死了很久很久。。肉都干完。。要散了。。。这个不算是螃蟹,而是一只尸体,怎能给客人吃,就算再便宜,我也不愿吃,做饮食的最重要照顾食客的健康
alamak .... oh my godness ..... look at its meat, as a mycophenolate. . . The meat inside is dead for a long long time. . . . . This is not a crab, but one dead body, how can the guests to eat, even more cheap, I do not want to eat, restaurants the most important is take care about healthy

He steamed the dried meat steamed, not Xiantian, eating outside those Xiandan juice, fortunately he did not put a lot of MSG, not very salty, the salt is Xiandan, it is the number of tablets, as seems to eat sand. . . Making enough flavor. . . YE Ren the Xiandan to cook better taste

notice the shell. . . like get a virus. . . Of the disease . . . I do not know what it is, but are afraid to read, will not get sick after eating the ah. . . !

椰子虾 RM26-不辣的curry...不够热。。虾不新鲜。。。没香椰汁味。。不惹味,只是煮好放进椰子。
Coconut shrimp RM26-not the spicy curry ... not enough heat. . Not fresh shrimp. . . No-coconut milk flavor. . Not making flavor, only put into the coconut after cooked.

Coconut spent a lot of times, with re-use. . . .

This tasty peanut

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hy said...

Totally agree. Just been to Tak Fok Puchong last week, ordered 2kg cheese crab + sweet & sour crab. The crabs were TASTELESS. I wonder what crab can be so tasteless like the one they have. :( A total disappointment. Although it's cheap but I won't go there again for crab anymore.