Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Cave(couple restaurant)@PJ SS2


指数 :
ps : 千万别点羊扒(RM20)
The Cave Couple Cafe & Restaurant Sdn Bhd
No 42, Mezzanine Floor, Jalan SS2/61, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(Behind Poh Kong SS2/Beside of MC donald SS2 only)


一间间的石洞special for couple only.....因为跟本塞不进第三个人。。。其实吃东西时也满麻烦的

里面超暗的,所以我的low quality相机当然什么都拍不到,所以唯有上网找了ref来post loo

we just order drinks and lamp chop ...total RM36

rosemary lamb chop - 环境是满高上,价钱更不低。。。至于味道就很差。。。可能是我点羊扒,那羊肉太肥,根本没什么肉吃的关系,所以对他们食物的品质给了负印象!或许点别的,会没问题


那块就是整块肥肉。。。吃乘的那些都是肥肉。。可以说是只吃汁而已。。。价钱又很贵,所以就order别的了。。。然后就去PJ uptown吃前首相Dr Mahadir也常吃的nasi lemak了


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Pam said...

That looks like one cool place!

Congrats on the foodie blogroll!


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志雄在。。。 said...

I had my gf birhtday celebration there...I feel it is ok...we order chicken and fish...both serve pretty well...with the environment and concept, I think the price is cheap...What I feel is they charge high on drink, to cover price for main course...Overall I think this is a good restaurant...

Anonymous said...

I tried before on my last 2 yrs birthday, aiks, attractive environment caused of the great photo but the food..... thumb "DOWN"!

味蕾“颖” 子 said...
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味蕾“颖” 子 said...

good zhi xiong...may b u r a rich guy...can go along vif u next time